As a qualified freelance translator, I offer the following services:





Accurate translation into French of documents written in English or Spanish:


                   - Articles

                   - Brochures

                   - Books

                   - Guides

                   - Reports


PROOFREADING / MTPE (light or full MT post-editing)


Correction and improvement of documents translated by a translator or of machine-generated translations:


                     - Grammar

                     - Spelling

                     - Syntax

                     - Punctuation

                     - Terminlogy



   Transposition of French audio or          video recordings into text files: 


               - Conferences

               - Interviews

               - Seminars

               - Meetings




Writing and insertion of subtitles:


               - Videos in French

               - Videos in English or in                               Spanish

(involves the translation of the transcription)



Quality & Professionalism

I am committed to decline all requests that do not fall within the scope of my skills, in order to always ensure a high-quality final version meeting your expectations. That is why I am likely to ask for the source document or part of it before accepting the job.


Your final document will always be delivered within the agreed deadline. I only accept the jobs for which I consider that the required deadline allows me to guarantee optimal results. For large projects, I undertake to keep you frequently updated regarding the progress of my work.  


I am bound to observe professional secrecy: all documents on which I work will remain strictly confidential and will not be subject to any publication. The same applies to your personal data and to any information you could exchange with me.