About me



As far as I remember, I've always been interested in foreign languages, that's why I naturally turned to language studies.


I studied three years at the University of Poitiers (France) and obtained a Bachelor's degree in foreign languages, literature and civilisation, with specialisation in English, Spanish and FLE (French as a foreign language).


Then, I carried out my first year of master's degree in "Translation and documentation professions" at the University of Pau. Afterwards, thanks to an agreement between this Master and the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), I spent my second year in Spain, during which I studied the master's degree in "Intercultural communication, Translation and Interpretation in Public services". I graduated and obtained a French-Spanish double-diploma in translation.



Work experience


After graduating from my Bachelor's degree, I spent 9 months in Scotland as a French language assistant, in primary and secondary schools. Not only did I discover a beautiful country and a new culture, but I also notably improved my skills in English.


Throughout my studies, I had the opportunity to do two internships representing my first professional experience in the translation industry. During the first one, I performed various translations for an associations based in Toulouse that aimed at organising cultural activities and meetings for foreigners living in that city. Regarding the second one, it took place in a big hospital in Madrid. My main activity there was the interpretation in consultations, between Spanish doctors and French-speaking patients (mainly natives of sub-Saharan Africa). I also translated documents about the prevention of infectious and tropical diseases (HIV, tuberculosis, etc.). 


After completing my master's degree, I worked six month as an in-house translator in a company dedicated to the development of softwares and programs for the banking sector. I learned a lot there, and I could put into practice the skills acquired during my studies: respect of deadlines, work with technical terminology, use of CAT tools (Computer-assisted translation), of translation memories and glossaries, etc.


Drawing on these experiences, I decided to get established as a freelance translator, and to offer the various services you can find in the "Home" section.




If you need more information, I can send you upon request my resume or answer your questions. Email me via the "Contact" page.