The applied rates depend on each project, and several elements are taken into account when calculating your invoice:

  • Volume: decreasing rates for high volumes.
  • Difficulty of the document: a text with highly-technical terminology will require a greater and longer research work, so the cost will be higher than for a general and simple text.
  • Deadline: urgent requests can be subject to a surcharge.

For that reason, I undertake to provide a detailed cost estimates for each request.


However, for information purposes and to give you an idea of the rates you can expect, you can find below the rate base of my services.

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 Translation Between 0,08 et 0,12€ / source word

Between 0,08 et 0,12€ / source word

Proofreading X X Between 20 and 25€ / hour
Transcription X X Between 20 and 25€ / hour
Subtitling Between 5 and 7€ / video minute Between 5 and 7€ / video minute Between 2 and 3€ / video minute

Terms of payment

Payments must be made within 60 days from the invoice date.

You can pay by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque.